Tuesday, 26 June 2012

MAYA // Leighs Timeline //

Visual log on Learning Autodesk Maya 2012, time line started 12-3-2012

WEEK 2: day 11  Temple Model


WEEK 3: day23  Town Model

WEEK 5: Polygon modelling and Rendering, parts missing from play blast

WEEK 7: Fox model , first Rig

WEEK 8: Artificial heart beating

WEEK 9: missile test

WEEK: 10. particles burst,  camera movement around poly fish

WEEK :11 : rigged test of objects impacting

WEEK: 12 effects with colour

WEEK 13: Fireworks display

WEEK 14: constraints

WEEK 15: Robot model and animation of gears

WEEK 16: mine blast

WEEK 17: 4 days to rig and animate silly looking man

WEEK 18: polygon Modelling a bug boy and  heads with proper topology


tim the zombie


slightly better topology

day 5

WEEK 19: day 2

day 3

                                                 Moving type particles effected by gravity

Moving Hurricane with explosions

WEEK: 20 tornado using vortex




swarm of particles using locator's

Plane crash


WEEK 21: day 3 . beam of light

day 4 : rendering

Finel Render

WEEK 22: displacement mapping

  Photoshop 3d landscape

What it looks like when converted to polygons in Maya

day2: working with hyper shade and reflections

WEEK: 22
shading objects with preset materials


working on hypershade and rendering

partical effects

WEEK :24  week of research, Berlin

WEEK24: day 168



debt of Field tutorial

fur preset as grass and transform component :mine explosion

powering up plasma Field , 

WEEK 25   day 175

animating coloured cubes


day 176

tutorial: by CG bros.

                                                    ncloth particle wave. long blayblasts, need model to practise on

tutorial: by CG bros

day 177

To colourise Subsurface Scatter simply add an 3D Texture to the Parti-Volume Node's Scatter Attribute
(the one which is 100% purple )

day 180

use of graph editor, doping sheet, and rendering with file output to media player

 object falls and breaks apart on impact,


tutorial by eric keller
particals, problem with ratio and bias

day 184

tutorial by eric keller
on CSI with Mmaya


Week 27


Master Maya auto desk book by Eric Keller serious skills book

Chpter 1
assets attributes
file ref
node hierarchies

chapter 2,

film making with camera tecks
image size, camera rig
applying depth of Field
rack focus rig
motion blur
film back, camera lens
film speeds
fly camera,
revolve camera
camera flip

Chapter 3-4

Nurbs modelling
trim surfaces
making live
projecting curves on side
bend deforms,

muliti tool, component tool lattices
belel edges
attaching strokes to curves
soft modification
sculpting tool, - go back over and practise
mirror, duplicating special,

susD,,,,,,needs work

3days to finish 1-2-3-4 chapters.

Week 28
                  lynda tutorials on rendering, will have to get back in to later date as its all new terms

use of plains to create blur effect at different distances, will use this later,
have book marked tutorial on lynda. underling rendering and lighting,

two tutorials on mMaya :
Membrane Pore”  problem with viewing membranes
2nd tutorial:
Creating the blobby blastocyst, going through a lattic

: rigging

chaper 2 of book

Animating facial expressions,

Create blend shape seqwances, image included, lots of objects animated,
Deform 3
Animate non liner deformers, mushrooms, , using lattice,
Adding jiggle and turbulence and wave to jelly fish, using paint and flood to fix area that will jiggle
Afte2 hours of book, I am sitching to LYDNA, for game tutorial, 9 hours,

Building garage,
Modelling, modelling tecks
Texturing, soft tool, adding edges,
display setting, plycount, extruding tips,
most importantly, learning how to bake, look in too, baking garge door, taking snap shot, occulision, photoshop. Painting, exporting back in,
Animating 2D

have begun rigging chapter:

Inverse kinematics-joint constrains – building leg of bug robot and constraint it,
Using graph editor, to move bug forward, and up in animation, constrains in legs when, flying off
All the different viewing options that come with graph editors.
Play blast options,
Animae with expressions, but on lamp post, getting him to fly off, to connect at point given
Animate with motion path, having bug turn on bend,
Layers: may go back over as this was long, able to creat mulitpil layers, to show director type sinario. of what could be, goasting

Animate non liner deforms, mushrooms, , using lattice,
Adding jiggle and turbulence and wave to jelly fish, using paint and flood to fix area that will jiggle
After 2 hours of book, I am switching to LYDNA, for game tutorial, 9 hours,
Animating 2D
Watching maya cgi conference in Holland, important,
resurch in to Area website on the saterdayday of this week,

week 29
chapters- 8-9-10

Chapter 8
Paint effects and toon shading
2D cartoon effects in 3d
Paint effects window, in 2d, like coral draw,
Paint is screen mode
Painting on 3d modes
Brush tecks
Designing bruises
Tube, arms, grass
Growing flowers
Adding leaves
Behaviour controls
Applying forces
Animating strokes
Rendering paint effects
Showdown effects
Shading strokes and tubes
Texturing strokes
Toon shading
Paint lines
Chapter 9
Lighting with mental ray, will be going over again,
Shadow and casting lights
Indirect lighting
Global illumination
Photon maps
Final gathering
Image based lighting*********
Downloads are involved with this, for reflective elements
Emitting objects
Ibl final gathering
Physical sun and sky
Mental ray area lights
Tone mapping
Shading concepts
The frenshel effect
Reflecting blur

last two weeks have been on and off bird punk steam model ............ insert image here

tutorial by patrick finn - 8Hs

this effect was used in the iron man closing titles, extremely effective, and done adjusting the pivot point in world and object mode-

close up of textures


chapter 11. have to finish, texture mapping, unfolding uvs
chapter 12, have to finish render pass contrition maps

chapter 13
move Nparticas with nucleus wind, using force Fields,
 emit nParticals from texture,
  chapter 13 Nparticals
making them collide, create liquid simulations.
 ncloth and particle interactions, controlling collision events
 tower explosion using ncloth

 making ncloth objects expand using pressure

chapter 15, did not do, fur, hair, clothing

austrian guy, dose short tips on how to do stuff

how to take a path of a helix

finished chapter 17, mel, and phyton, got pyton book
have started jamies web site.

5th10-2012 tutorials on modelling by daveG contact, mel , researched, contact, marking tutorials,

week  31    date 10/10/2012

gun model, getting it right, need to be faster at modelling, area that needed work and need to improve on

 tutorial was near  7 hours tutorial, 2 days, . lots of stops and starts, worth it, contacting the guy, professor, contact made, works in Maya

quike notes on what i did
Clean up, correct, add some details and mirror the barrel piece for the Samaritan pistol. This one got a little on the long side, sorry about that. I cover extract, extrude (including extruding faces vs the whole object), interactive split tool, insert edge loop tool, append to polygon tool, Boolean, mirror geometry, isolate select, and snapping.
Cover cut faces, snapping, fill hole, append to polygon tool (clockwise vs counter clockwise), bridge, extrude, freeze transformations, duplicating for symmetry, isolate select, and a bit of topology cleanup

Continue modelling the Samaritan pistol, adding the details around the barrel. Cover booleans, bevel, and deleting interpenetrated faces, extrude and snap. Not sure how this video ended up being so long...I talk too much in these things.
Cover delete edge, bevel, soften/harden edge, duplicate face, extrude, bevel, collapse edge, insert edge loop, merge vertices, snap to vertices's and slide edge?????
Cleanup the Samaritan mesh using Mesh - Cleanup... Also go over all of the cleanup options and why you might or might not use them

The Gnomon Workshop
 tutorials, layer texture using hyper shade

Week 31
Day       217 

portal light,  how to add and subtract the Gama linear work flow to images in maya

zeth W tutorials, vimeo

zeth willy tutorials vimo

this image is the linear work flow, the way the camera adds 2.2 to the linear flow

two tuts. first changing the colours of the balls fast. second, lighting, need to learn more film terms, key light ect

Creating snow-perfect

Note,  converting water to polygons in modifier  dose not work, I just used "ball" when emitting from surface, plus global illumination changes look of snow to solid ice

Pat imire- Scottish

Whisky in the glass and dust tutorial

& Dust impact

Web site; http://www.patimrie.com/tutoral

Ambient inclusion shadier, good for many things, runs huge procession power, looks sharp

very good tutorial on lighting an object

same setting for iron man helmet

Ice environment using a height shadier, good shadier experience but could not get to render, may do again, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uri8KYzs2ac&playnext=1&list=PL4BAA535030BAF759&feature=results_video

explosion tut- adding different shades to the smoke and combining them

proxy tut, for saveing on polygone count,

mental ray tut on lighting

Render passes, mastering Maya, how to separate each layer  in mental ray,

did this tut, rendering was huge, saved files,


8 MONTHS exact

20/11/2012, no net in library

researching from home

rmd work for new years image

did not plan this out correctly, pytone would have been handy, need to draw out images first

tester for animation of paint

3 days, render time went way up after too many polys

propeller 5 hours

polorbear 4 hours modelling

Truck crash

animation of collision polygon es, a display layer is then added, replacing the collision layer, display layer is parented to collision layer, buy baking all the keys, and using animation rather than dynamics to have more control of animation, my baking of keys did not work..

5 hours

4 hours

paint effects

shatter effect in dynamics


16/12/2012 -4 hours

 dancing cloud- 2 hours

test for illustrated face2 hours

eric keller growing germs

 sleepy bird
 firing particles that explode

2d fluid container tut,
4 hours, problems rendering, lighting needs work
wall art uv mapping,

iphone animation

 rocket transform and shatter animation

a number of tutorials on modelling and sets

Chris kroner, teacher, a number of his tutorials are quite good for speed learning


!!!!current play blast of animations, not rendered!!!!

show reel started 5th-01-2013

gun and dinner table animation

modelling problems,

graphics card dose not seem to support Fields, or multiple objects moving

maya has become slow since downloading 3D max, and googly sketch up?????


needs finishing


gun and dinner table animation


3 week of pulse, no 3d max,

have gone over sketch up
mudbox, unity,
html and css

caracter design


3d max introduction,

development of one humanoid and one landscape

presentation on game company

march, game theory, ideas for a app for ios

Photo shop :concept work
for Irish sketch society.com




tree animation, 25 hours, 5 secs, back round added, switch to mental ray for render

1 day reactor

1 day purple blob

page turn tutorial

game start , UNITY 

bringing maya in to unity



3D max

am trying to do this, computer cant render, will try windmill lane

computers wount take maya


toon shadeing, 

animation didnt work


script writing layout for the bridge


showreel 50 done, 20 months

breakdown reel will have all secound baest and some add on, 

2 weeks with vstream

17 8 13

26th 8 13

25th 08 13


never even saw colours as discribed to me

ant version 300

work on lighting

solid, backround redo

game, best level, unity


ambient occlusion

main light

rim light
marks render

render again


disaster no2
1 week wasted

never used






nov 2013


3d max plug-in for aligning photos in to 3d

 dec 2013


jan 2014
dept map shadows
no dept map
shadows dept map high settings
ray trace high settings, 20 mins render time


low poly tests

boat for DIT game,